The highly-recommended gambling places in Canada nowadays (Part 1)

Across Canada, casinos await guests from home and abroad. Some of these gaming venues have grown into full resorts, offering elegant hotels, spas, restaurants and stylish casino floors. The five biggest casinos in Canada are the true true holiday destinations.


Located on the banks of the Fraser River, the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond is a major gaming venue most in Western Canada. The casino alone covers an area of ​​70,000 square feet and includes 900 slot machines, a poker room with 14 tables and a premium VIP room called the Dogwood Club.

The restaurant includes a 260-seat Buffet Dinner and Racetrack, an off-track restaurant with pub-style food and drinks. The hotel suites all 202 rooms at the hotel and River Rock’s Absolute Spa provides a good guest experience. The Curve Lounge, seated behind the resort’s curvy elevator, offers a place to mix and match while enjoying an appetizer and a glass of wine.


River Cree Resort and Casino is located on the western edge of Edmonton. It is a fusion casino, luxury resort and hockey center. Over 1,000 slot machines and 39 gaming tables grace the casino. Add to that the Horses at Tap 25, an off-show betting and dining venue, and a premium poker room, and so much for your entertainment.

Stay in 249 rooms at the Edmonton Marriott at River Cree, dine at the Bistro Buffet Bistro, at the chic Sage, or just hang out with friends at the chic Center Bar. If you’re lucky, you can catch the Edmonton Oilers oil practice at one of two NHL-sized top-sized hockey rinks.


The only things separating Windsor, Ontario, from Detroit, Michigan, are the Embassy Bridge and a flag. The twin tower hotel features 758 rooms and suites. It also has a fitness center in a 10,000 square foot setting.

The Colosseum gallery welcomes header activities, and guests have a choice of six cafes and restaurants. One, Artist Cafe, is filled with bold colored murals, paintings and sculptures.

Neros Steakhouse is the most upscale restaurant, offering barbecue, seafood and Romanesque atmosphere. Enjoy a meal at Bar Sports Legends and bet on the results of the matches of the major sports teams at the same time. The Poker room has 14 tables, and the main casino floor offers an electronic slot and gaming table. The slots are set up to take your drink order if you happen to get thirsty.