1. All participants must be members in good standing of O.F.E. and CAWS.
  2. Any line deemed in dispute by CAWS cannot be exhibited at the Profile Show. All lines shown must be properly cleared by the member. Members must contact the previous sales representative to clear a line.
  3. No manufacturer, importer, sales manager, or member of managerial staff will be permitted to attend or participate in Profile. Sales representative from another territory will be permitted to participate as a full member only.
  4. Companies distributing stock lots, over runs or close out products, for the purposes of resale, are not allowed to be represented at the Profile Show.
  5. All membership dues or fees as well as any other outstanding obligations, such as fines, must be paid in full prior to participation in each show.
  6. All show participants must file show applications and register all lines to be shown prior to show deadline dates. There will be an automatic late-filing fee of $100.00 for any late application. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that any late application will be included in the show guide.
  7. Any lines that are being shown at a sanctioned show cannot be shown at any competing show being held on the same dates.
  8. All members must attend for the entire duration of all shows scheduled by the Association, and not send substitutes unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  9. All fines and additional fees must be paid within 30 days of receipt of notification they are due. Any appeal of fines, fees. etc., must be received, in writing, within 30 days of the member’s notification. All fines and additional fees must be paid prior to the request for a hearing to appeal.
  10. No signs, posters, banners, samples, or any other type of advertising outside the booth space will be allowed. Non-members names cannot be displayed. If banners and posters are double sided, they must be at least five feet away from the back of the booth.
  11. During the Show, there is to be no sale of merchandise at the retail level or stock carried.
  12. Exhibitors are responsible for the loss of or damage to show space property.
  13. Exhibitors and staff are not permitted to escort or accompany buyers to another booth or to solicit buyers outside of their booth. Members/Exhibitors working with buyers after hours must escort the buyer out of the show or to their next scheduled appointment.
  14. Exhibitors shall refrain from serving alcoholic beverages or banned substances at any time during Show business hours.
  15. Exhibitors and staff must wear official identification badges at all times during the Market.
  16. With respect to all press inquiries, Show Management will be the sole official spokespersons for the Markets.
  17. No mass entertainment events shall be held during show hours.
  18. Gambling of any kind is strictly forbidden during show hours.
  19. Any give-a-ways or promotions must be approved by the Executive Committee with input from the Profile Show Committee prior to the Show.
  20. Exhibitors are fully responsible for all items brought to the Show. The Association bears no responsibility for any missing articles.
  21. Exhibitor displays, tables, chairs, etc., must remain within the confines of the booth(s).
  22. No packing is permitted until the official closing time of a Show.
  23. Members agree not to solicit lines represented by other Members.
  24. The Board of Directors shall have full power to interpret and/or amend these rules and to make any additional rules and regulations which, in its discretion, shall be in the best interest of the Show.
  25. Members are responsible for outstanding monies from their suppliers that place ads in the buyers’ guide.
  26. Booth(s) assigned to a member are the property of the member, even if it is paid by a third party. If circumstances change and the booths are no longer required, the booths revert to the Board of Directors for allocation. Re-imbursement will be at the discretion of the Board.
  27. A member shall not be allowed to promote a competing show while attending or exhibiting at a Profile Show.
  28. Exhibitors/Members are responsible for the actions of their associates at the shows. They must ensure that their associates abide by all Show rules, regulations and etiquette.

In accordance with the policies of the Toronto Congress Centre, children under the age of 16 years will not be permitted within the Show during move-in and move-out.

Profile Show Cancellation Policies:

  1. Full refunds, less the cancellation fee, are available prior to the deadline date on the application. To request a cancellation or to make a change, please send an email to info@profileshow.ca.
  2. Refunds less a $25.00 cancellation fee will be given for cancellations received in writing to info@profileshow.ca prior to the deadline date. After the deadline date, the show entrance fee will not be refundable. The Profile Show may refund the booth fees should the booth(s) be resold to another member of the Association.