Online banking technology and safe deposit in Canadian online casinos (Part 2)

Web wallet

Works entirely in the digital domain, a web wallet (also an online wallet) is a software or website. This virtual wallet can be used on the Internet to make financial transactions safe and secure. And just like a physical wallet, it can also be used to store all of your personal and financial data. Web wallets can also work with some debit and credit cards.

A payment voucher can be used to spend as cash when making a payment. Documentation is proof that you are entitled to a certain amount of credit. This is an amount will be clearly printed on the voucher document.

SSL protocol

First introduced in 1995, the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol was the first commonly used network protocol. It allowed secure encrypted communication over the Internet between client and server systems. This is not connected yet. This technology underpins all types of online communication. Its secure authentication and data encryption have had a big impact in areas like online transactions and data protection.

Online banking technology and safe deposit in Canadian online casinos

The SSL protocol has created a standard convention for establishing and implementing Internet communications. These are basically two sub-protocols. The first is a ‘handshake’ protocol, in which two separate entities agree to what type of encryption they will use for their communication session.

The next second step is the protocol ‘logs’ that agrees details about how the two parties will use SSL for data exchange, which specifications will govern the preparation of data to be transmitted, and how the data will be. verified and decoded by the recipient.

While this process ensures data confidentiality and integrity, it remains virtually invisible to everyday users. But in case any website requires an SSL connection its URL address will change from HTTP to HTTPS (HTTP Secure).

The improved version of the SSL protocol

Although still widely available on the Internet, the SSL protocol was officially replaced by an improved version – the TLS protocol – in 2015. To avoid widespread public confusion, most systems are currently operating under the TLS protocol still refers to their encryption as ‘SSL’ or ‘SSL / TLS’ protocol.

SSL / TLS encryption is currently used for many common tasks including transmitting web pages, communicating via e-mail of all kinds, secure file transfers over the Internet, instant messaging services and phone calls. over IP (VoIP).