Is it legal to play online casino games in Canada? (Part 2)

The total of three land-based cardrooms within the Kahnawake Territory of Mohawk of Quebec are similarly regulated by the same Board of Games.

Therefore, the Kahnawake Commission is officially responsible for supervising the compliance of gambling laws in Kahnawake’s Mohawk Territory in Quebec. It also handles valid licenses issued to online poker and casino providers and sports game providers. Operating to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, the committee always insists on fair gaming and guaranteed payments.

Legal Canadian online casino

Today most gambling is legal within Canada. But the situation regarding interactive online casino games in Canada is still much more difficult. This is because the Government will not issue online casino operation licenses to any domestic company.

Canadian law always applies a vaguely approach to gaming activities through web based casinos. Until the 1960s, the country objected to gambling, but granting provinces the right to make gaming activities within their jurisdiction now changed everything.

The Canadian Criminal Code currently prohibits the hosting of an interactive gaming website on Canadian soil. Therefore, the fact that illegal is effective. However, provincial legislators are allowed to allow certain types of gambling within their borders to be operated on or through a computer. Therefore, this potential flaw helps the provinces to green light to make local decisions about online gambling in their area.

However, further complexity is added by another part of the Penal Code stipulating that only the government of the country and of the provinces can run any kind of gambling.

However, the Kahnawake Mohawk Country was allowed to ignore this rule. This happened although it gave rise to strong sentiments at the time. However, so far, Kahnawake Mohawk Nation is still allowed to continue gambling agreements on the Internet.

Hopefully, after reading the article, you now know whether it is legal to play online casino games in Canada.