Is it legal to play online casino games in Canada (Part 1)

Playing online casino games in Canada with real money is a popular leisure activity. However, Canadian local laws regarding gambling are thought to be a bit complicated – like many places around the globe. In short, some land gambling is legal, but the law still leaves some gray areas.

For online gambling in the form of online casinos, the situation is the same: The law allows some activities but prohibits other activities. The location of the overseas online gambling service providers is particularly unclear. Foreign companies are prohibited from operating any online poker rooms and casinos on Canadian territory.

Despite these precautions, some of Canada’s Internet-based gambling service providers rely on Kahnawake’s local reserves. Many of these companies are trusted entities licensed by agencies such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. These organizations can easily support the company’s efforts to facilitate online casino gambling in the country.

Even with this lack of clarity, the interests of fans of online gambling games in Canada are well protected. It is not illegal for astute Canadian gamers to play online casino games. But the law often seems determined to make it illegal to operate an Internet-based casino from the country.

Canadian online casino and Kahnawake Game Commission

The Kahnawake Game Committee is a specially organized regulatory body. And because the Mohawks have never been defeated in battle and have never entered into a treaty with any government to relinquish or diminish their sovereignty, the Commission affirms its right to license and regulate games.

The best online casino in Canada must meet certain criteria before they can be eligible for a Kahnawake Game Committee license. And in general, this online legal model reflects the Government’s efforts to create an Internet supportive environment for Kahnawake. It also allows the Mohawk people to take care of their problems. This special legal model gives certain provinces the right to oversee, control, and regulate a gambling industry in their territory.