The single most important focus of your business is to deliver an amazing experience for your clients, making sure every memory is a positive one.
Participate in the Ultimate Brainstorming session derived from over 80 customer service ideas spanning multiple industries, to propel your customer service to the next level.

You Should Be There If You...

  • Want a jolt of inspiration and motivation ​
  • Are seeking new and different ways to “ WOW” your customers ​
  • Are ready to learn about Relationship Selling ​​
  • Are interested in taking your business to a whole new LEVEL ​​
  • Are looking for new ways to manage your customer experience

You’ll Learn How To...

  • Set up a unique system that creates an inspired culture ​
  • Create “top of mind” awareness of your business with your customers ​​
  • Use YouTube as a learning channel to differentiate your business ​​
  • Create ‘word of mouth’ referrals for your business ​​
  • Curate a team of enthusiasts for your business ​
  • The seminar will be held on September 11, 2017 at 12:30 pm with a lunch starting at 12:15pm.

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Where: Munroe Room, the Toronto Congress Centre, 1020 Martin Grove Road, Toronto, ON M9W 4W1

When: Monday, September 11, 2017at 12:30pm

Cost: $20.00 (includes HST) – registration required.