Becoming a Master Retail Salesperson 

Here are four tips that will have customers wanting to buy from you personally

1. Mirror the customer's energy level. When you are with customers, you gauge the energy level of customers and determine whether they have high energy or are low key. You ramp it up or down if needed based on the customer’s interactive style. Within minutes you could be at the almost same energy level as the customer, always remaining just a bit more energetic. You don’t just adapt how you speak to the customer but you adjust the speed you walk with them. Read more....

Recruiting, Retaining and Motivating Employees

Long gone are the days of simply hiring part time and full time employees (anyone who could fog a mirror) with the following tactic…

​Come work for me, I will pay you a minimal salary and you will do a great job because you should feel lucky that you have a job.

In the 21st century, quality employees are looking for more than a pay cheque, they want to be identified with a business that has passion, who are giving back to the community and have identified their core values and what they stand for.

What are your core values?
What do you stand for?   


The Profile Show Survival Guide

What To Look For  
Spotting the right trends is crucial to making your Profile Show experience a success. There are several styles that should make your fashion sense tingle while shopping the show. Spring 2017 will see an influx of shorter hems, oversized button-ups and mosaic patterns for men. In women’s wear look for polka dots, colourful floral designs with dazzling colours in tones of lime green, nugget gold, tea rose, sand, honey and brilliant blues.

Who To Talk ToThe Profile Show is one of the largest trade shows in the Canadian fashion industry and that means no shortage of interesting, innovative and enterprising people to talk to, whether you’re an exhibitor or attendee.  Read More...


4 New Experiences That Will Make Your Profile Show Amazing!

Talk To Someone New   
It’s great to have a group of individuals you meet with at the Profile Show on a consistent basis (in fact, the Profile Show is the best place to foster connections that last a whole career), but you might be losing out on a great new product if you stick to the same old routine. Branch out, go to a new booth, start a conversation with someone you haven’t seen before and you may end up finding a new trend, perspective, idea or business connection you never considered. Read More...