The Profile Show Survival Guide

The Profile Show Survival Guide

What To Look For

Spotting the right trends is crucial to making your Profile Show experience a success. There are several styles that should make your fashion sense tingle while shopping the show.

Spring 2017 will see an influx of shorter hems, oversized button-ups and mosaic patterns for men. In women’s wear look for polka dots, colourful floral designs with dazzling colours in tones of lime green, nugget gold, tea rose, sand, honey and brilliant blues.

Who To Talk To

The Profile Show is one of the largest trade shows in the Canadian fashion industry and that means no shortage of interesting, innovative and enterprising people to talk to, whether you’re an exhibitor or attendee.

There are over 150 exhibitors showing 46 categories of fashion including men’s and women’s wear, sportswear and children’s fashion, as well as eco-friendly and fair trade clothes, leather accessories and maternity outfits. Take some time to talk to the exhibitors you need to have a conversation with, but also someone who you might not usually meet with. You never know where inspiration is going to come from!

There are also several new exhibitors to visit at this year’s show and brands from all over Canada. Check the Profile Show Guide on the event’s website for a full listing of exhibitors and a meeting schedule organizer.


What To Bring

You’re not going to want to leave home without a few essential items to make your Profile Show experience the best it can be.

First of all, come prepared with your Profile Show Guide, which can be downloaded from the Profile Show website. It contains the booth numbers and sections of every exhibitor and will be a real time-saver. It also has important logistical information, such as timing and descriptions of events and important details about the show.

The most important part of the Profile Show Guide is the appointment pages. This resource will be a big help in arranging and keeping track of meetings with exhibitors/attendees so you never miss a crucial meetup and you’re always ready to embrace the next big things.

Don’t forget a pen and a notepad and your phone and charger to write down any inspiration that strikes, notes from a meeting, keep up to date online and take pictures of whatever you find interesting and important.         

Where To Go


Obviously, the trade show floor is the main attraction at the Profile Show, but there are a few other gems that await attendees. Wander off the beaten track to discover some new styles, products and good times.

Attendees will not want to miss the Monday morning seminar by fashion industry icon Lynn Spence. Spence is best known for her work on City Line TV and has worked all over Canada with countless retailers, shops, and people from every walk of life. Lynn really knows Style. Her specialty is translating trends that are growing globally into something that the average person can understand and put into practice. Spence will be shopping the show and will present what she feels are the best of the best in women’s, men’s and children’s fashion from a stylist’s point of view. The seminar will take place on Monday, September 12 at 8 am. Registration is required (on the Profile Show website) and the seminar is free!

Top Tips For Attendees

With over 30 hours of show time, 150-plus exhibitors and thousands of products, the Profile Show offers so many opportunities for attendees that it can cause your head to spin. Fear not, we have some advice for how to stay up-to-date on the best the event has to offer.

Finding maximum value at the Profile Show starts before you even set foot on the trade show floor. Do your homework and make a plan by analyzing the Profile Show Guide, arranging appointments and making a shopping list. Leave some free space in your day to explore, chat with exhibitors you may not usually talk to and discover something new!

It will definitely pay-off to keep your eye on social media throughout your time at the Show. The Profile Show is on Twitter (@ProfileShow), Facebook and Instagram (ProfileShowToronto) and will be providing updates, news, play-by-play action and interesting finds on all platforms! Social media is also a great way to connect with other attendees and exhibitors and discover some of the best elements of the Profile Show. Follow along with the #ProfileShow hashtag.