Recruiting, Retaining & Motivating Employees

Recruiting, Retaining and Motivating Employees

Long gone are the days of simply hiring part time and full time employees (anyone who could fog a mirror) with the following tactic…

Come work for me, I will pay you a minimal salary and you will do a great job because you should feel lucky that you have a job.

In the 21st century, quality employees are looking for more than a pay cheque, they want to be identified with a business that has passion, who are giving back to the community and have identified their core values and what they stand for.

What are your core values?
What do you stand for?

What transformation will occur for each customer or prospect who enters your door?

What is your compelling story and how do you share it with current and potential employees as well as customers?

It could be as simple as, “here at XXXX, we are looking for employees who are passionate, understand our passion of giving back to the community, while providing the best products at a fair price and doing it all in a fun environment”. Now let me share our story….

In your story, you tell the good, the bad, and the challenging from your humble beginnings to your current day scenario. Infuse your language with uplifting, forward thinking phrases that will encourage and inspire your team to embrace your cause and your view of the future and of course, sharing your business plan.

You do have a well thought out business plan don’t you?

Remember, your job is to lead your team with a clear vision of the future whether it be merchandise, technology, a larger online reach, a better social media community and/or whatever will keep your team engaged and moving forward