4 New Experiences That Will Make Your Profile Show Amazing!

4 New Experiences That Will Make Your Profile Show Amazing!

Talk To Someone New

It’s great to have a group of individuals you meet with at the Profile Show on a consistent basis (in fact, the Profile Show is the best place to foster connections that last a whole career), but you might be losing out on a great new product if you stick to the same old routine. Branch out, go to a new booth, start a conversation with someone you haven’t seen before and you may end up finding a new trend, perspective, idea or business connection you never considered. Visiting the event’s first-time exhibitors is one way to talk to someone new.

Go Online

Lots of business is done face-to-face at the Profile Show, but getting the latest news, views and exclusive looks at exhibitors, opportunities and products isn’t complete without venturing online. Besides the show’s website and online guide, the Profile Show is on Twitter (@ProfileShow), Facebook and Instagram (ProfileShowToronto). Keep up with everything from dates, times and locations to special insight from attendees, organizers and industry professionals on these platforms. Check out the Profile Show on social media and keep up with the hashtag #ProfileShow.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Year after year of experience has taught you what products are successful, who is valuable to talk to and how to maximize your time at the Profile Show. That’s amazing, but routine rarely leads you on a path to a game-changing idea. Take one chance this year at the Profile Show and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Make an appointment with someone you wouldn’t normally make an appointment with or delve deeper into the displays of a booth that doesn’t catch your eye at first. You may just find a hidden gem with an extra 10 minutes of exploring!

Bring A Friend

While friends, old and new, abound at the Profile Show, the event can often feel like a whirlwind of people, booths, and products that have the potential to feel overwhelming. This year, try bringing along a friend, colleague or co-worker to help you make your rounds of the show. Two heads are definitely better than one when it comes to identifying new opportunities, getting second opinions on the latest trends and gathering all the ideas that are being presented and developing a path to success.